Together 2020 will have a robust digital response strategy to effectively communicate with those who respond to the Gospel at Together 2020.
To make this possible, Together is partnering with local church and ministry leaders to participate in the follow-up process as digital responders. 
As a digital responder, you get to interact with individuals who respond to the Gospel at Together in real time at and after the event. All of this takes place in a secure response software that allows us to monitor and resource digital responders.
We hope this opportunity will encourage and bless the church, as well as create opportunities for organic church attendance through these personal connections.
Prior to Together 2020, all digital response volunteers will receive training on our online platform. These trainings will be virtual and will take place in April, May, and June.
If you’re interested in being a digital response volunteer, please fill out the form below. If you have questions about our follow-up process, please contact our team at